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Wales Community Theatre Players present Honk! This fun and witty eggstravangza of a musical will ensure a quackingly good time for all ages!

Honk! is a heart-warming reimagining of Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Duckling, telling the story of Ugly, a plucky little bird who gets picked on by the other farmyard animals because he's different. Pushed out of the flock, he embarks on an adventure across the marsh, meeting an array of characters who teach him that it takes all sorts to make a world, and that he is much more than just his fowl looks.

Pipping The Lion King and Mamma Mia to the post to win the 2000 Olivier Award for Best New Musical, Honk! has gone on to perform all around the world.

British writing duo Stiles and Drewe's other works have exploded around the UK over the last few years, including Mary Poppins, Half a Sixpence and The Wind in the Willows.

With clever, inspiring songs and a whole lot of heart, Honk! will quack you up and bring a smile to your beak. So come on down and join in the with the farmyard fun!