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Wales panto was founded in 1944 when Roy Staniforth wrote Robinson Crusoe at the age of 14. The production was staged at Wales Methodist Church schoolroom where it was produced every year till 1978. The early years profits where donated to The Red Cross.

In 1978 the group moved to the local High School due to the audience becoming too large to be accommodated at the Schoolroom and the pantomime creeping up to a three month run. This only lasted for a few years as the pantomime also outgrew the High School, so we moved to Sheffield City Centre to The Montgomery Theatre which seats 420 people and eight performances could accommodate all the audience.

Earlier this year, we formed a new group, Wales Community Theatre Players. The new group combines the efforts of our two previous groups Wales Methodist Panto Players and Wales Musical Theatre Company.


We continue to perform our annual pantomime each January at the Montgomery Theatre and are now selling out almost 4000 tickets over the run.

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